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Interview with WeSleep's founder, Julie Wright


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Thank you Marie Ellis and "Broke Girl In The City" for featuring WeSleep in your fabulous blog.

We believe sleep is one of the answers to becoming a superhuman. Click here to read it now !

WeSleep - Interview Julie Wright - Broke Girl In The City Blog
  • Just 16 minutes of sleep loss can hurt your productivity the next day.
  • 69% of staffers have troubles staying focused in meetings
  • 68% take longer to complete tasks. With sleep deprivation
  • 44% of senior leaders will struggle analysing data
  • 43% less able to hold strategic conversation
Source: Asheridge Culpin report - 2016

Contact us at julie @ LibraRisingLimited . com if you'd like more info on the virtual sleep workshops and webinars we offer. We are always looking for brilliant people who want to join me on this journey, so if someone reads this, feel free to contact me and see if we can collaborate in any way!

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