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Make-up tips to hide a bad night's sleep

from Jo at Stylist Magazine

I saw this video from London's Stylist magazine today which I wanted to share. Sometimes, no matter how much care I put into getting a good night's sleep, I might still not wake up looking refreshed.... In the past, I would look in the mirror (or avoid looking for that matter) and beat myself up for not looking rested, which of course is the worse thing to think about... Because a positive mindset is an essential part of recovering from insomnia ! So, I decided that from now on, it's ok to cheat my own brain ! By putting a little spring and summer on my face rather than feeling self-conscious and upset about it, which only adds to the worries of the day... making it harder to sleep that night.... !

Now while the color correction might not work for all skin tones, all the other tips apply! And if you'd rather use your natural product line, than do it ! The point is that when you feel better looking at yourself, your face and your aura will shine brighter, and the lack of last night's sleep will be all forgotten. Try it !

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