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Sleep more, stress less, save lives.

Stress. Sleep. Habits. Immune system. It's all connected.

As featured in this MATTRESSNEXTDAY LIMITED article, WeSleep's founder Julie Wright explains how stress and lifestyle changes linked to COVID-19 are impacting people's sleep negatively. Sleep experts also give a wide range of tips on how to sleep better. Mental Health Awareness week (May18th-24th) is just around the corner, and a great opportunity to look at the bi-directional link between stress and sleep And how stress AND sleep severely impact our immune system - important to know as we potentially expose ourselves to the virus by going to work, spend time outdoors more often, or do other errands. Click to read and support us ! thank you :-)

WeSleep - Mental Health Awarness Week

#sleep #sleeptips #insomnia #mentalhealth #covid19 #coronavirus #wesleepuk #mentalhealthawarenessweek (May 18-24th, 2020)


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