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Our Stress Awareness Month...

starts with a good tension-releasing pillow fight!

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Happy International Pillow Fight Day 2020 !

What a beginning of a year it has been for the world… We sincerely hope you and your loved ones are all safe and healthy. April is a special (and very) relevant, as it is Stress Awareness Month . Throughout this month, we will share a range of advice, tips and information on how to cope if you feel stressed or anxious – which is especially vital in the uncertain times we are living through right now. Last month, we explained how sleep plays a vital role in supporting our immune system. Sleep also helps us better manage our stress, naturally.


But before we deep dive into stress and sleep, let’s talk about pillows in honour of International Pillow Fight day, which is… today! A good pillow fight is brilliant to bring joy into our lives and release the tension we hold in our bodies. So let’s grab our pillows, and have some fun, respectfully and kindly of course, we don’t want anyone injured.

WeSleep - International Pillow Fight Day

While we cannot gather by the hundreds in a public square and have a (friendly!) go, we can still join the fun while at home. So get your housemate, partner, family together and enjoy a liberating pillow fight and a good laugh. If you are self-isolating, just do it on your own anyway, like me! (ok, please don’t judge me, lol). Or you can also just snuggle up with your most comfy pillow with a good book and enjoy 😊

Alright, now let’s kick start this Stress month series with some more practical information about pillows and getting good sleep. When we think about pillows, we mostly draw up images of them as white, fluffy, full of feathers and cosy without really acknowledging all the different kinds available and how they can influence and help relieve problems with our sleep – looking at some examples will hopefully give you some useful pointers for what to look out for.

Sleeplessness is not only caused by stress and worry. It can also be caused by back and neck pain which often results from tension built over time, as a result of physical or psychological stress. Of course, there are many ways to release tension, but a good and suitable pillow is important to support a lack of sleep linked to pain and related stress.

What is the basic principle to pillow comfort? Retain the alignment of head, neck and shoulders with the spine, so whatever your preference, this is what to look out for. If possible, testing a pillow is advisable, trying it on a mattress similar to your own and lying on your side and your back to see if it is both comfortable and supportive.

WeSleep - International Pillow Fight Day - Stress and pillows

Standard Pillows

The most common pillows come filled with polyester, feather or down, microfiber or memory foam.

Polyester pillows tend to be the most popular, they are easy to wash and available in a wide range of shapes and sizes.

Feather and down pillows tend to be more durable than the other kinds while generally being soft and easily mouldable to suit your neck and head position. They can be quite expensive, but also offer high quality. In order to avoid feather and down pillows from flattening they do require regular fluffing. To find a selection of feather and down pillows, click here.

Microfibre pillows tend to be more budget friendly, but less durable, so they will need replacing more often. They do come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes offering a good option for any sleeping position and need. You can find two options here.

Memory foam pillows are useful if you struggle with neck pain as they offer strong support. Although some people find them a bit too dense and warm to sleep on, but overall they are a durable option that is also easy in care and washing. You can buy a memory foam pillow here.

WeSleep - International Pillow Fight Day - Stress and pillows

Other Pillow varieties

Wool pillows are great for both allergy sufferers and side sleepers who need stronger neck support – they are both naturally hypoallergenic and firm while also resistant to mites and mould. Like the feather and down options they do require regular fluffing to retain their shape, a slight downside which can be offset by the fact that they naturally regulate temperature to keep you warm in winter and cool in the summer. You can find a selection here.

Latex foam pillows are quite similar to the memory foam variety in that they offer firm support and are very durable. In comparison, Latex foam offers the added benefits of being hypoallergenic, resistant to mould and dust mites, breathable and heat regulating. The combination of all this does usually make them the more expensive option, but it is money well spent if it helps improve your sleep. If this sounds like the pillow you need, you can check out some options here.

Specialist pillows

Aside from the above more common examples, there is a wide selection of pillows available these days to offer relief from specific issues. Examples of these are anti-allergy pillows treated to resist the development of dust mites, anti-snore pillows for better head support, water pillows for customized physical support and many other options.

One of the better-known specialist pillow is the ergonomic one – these pillows come in a variety of shape and sizes, usually made of high-density memory foam to really stabilize head and neck. They are shaped dependent on a person’s sleeping position which is why it is very important to really pick the right one for your needs. They are sold – amongst other places – here.

Finding the perfect pillow for your needs might require a bit of research and testing, but once you have found one that supports you that is a big step in your quest for better sleep, less pain and less stress.

Stay tuned for our next blog post, subscribe below and we will let you know each time a new post is ready. Take good care !

- The WeSleep Team -

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