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Fall back... sleep tips for the daylight savings time change

Clocks go back on Sunday (UK: October 25 and US: November 1)

CLOCKS GO BACK THIS SUNDAY IN THE UK! British folks, the clocks go BACK 1 hour this Sunday October 25 in the early hours at 2am, which will become 1am. But for US folks, this will happen next week, on November 1st.

It is so tempting to stay 1 hour longer in bed, although we advise you to ALWAYS get up at the same time every day, EVEN weekends, to support your circadian rhythm. Ok, fine, we shall make an exception for Daylight Savings “fall back” day 😊, it's only the one hour. But if you are the type to really struggle on the following days due to this time shift, here are a few tips which can make it easier for yourself and your children:

DAY BY DAY: Go to bed 15 minutes later every day, from tonight Tuesday until Saturday included. Don’t worry if you missed a day. Just do this gradually from starting point.

SHUT DOWN: avoid any stimulation 1 to 2 hours before your new bedtime (TV, electronic devices, video gaming, stimulating substances, arguments, work) – although you’ll have juuuust a little longer, 15 minutes more a day.

BREATHE: Try deep and slooooow abdominal breathing for 2 to 5 minutes while lying in bed to help you fall asleep faster.

RESET: On Saturday, reset your clocks before going to sleep (Lucky you: smartphones, tablets and laptops should reset automatically). And wake up at the exact same time you usually wake up.

WALKING ON SUNSHINE: On DST-day, Sunday, go outdoors as early as possible after you wake up, perhaps go for a morning walk or run, or go pick up your smoothie or hot drink at your local take-away - so that you are exposed to daylight soon after you open your eyes, this will help reset your body clock.


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