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Kata Armitage's Interview

Hypnotic Repatterning for better sleep

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Our therapist Kata Armitage was interviewed by eve about Hypnotic Repatterning and how it allows us to let go and move to a place where sleeping is easier via visualisation. Here are excerpts of her amazing interview (click on the eve link below for the whole interview)

Could you tell us about Hypnotic Repatterning

Using hypnotic techniques is about experiencing a state of relaxation that allows new positive feelings to be experienced not only in the mind but throughout the whole body. It is accessing a part of us that we often ignore, especially as many of us live in our heads a lot (our conscious mind) and it is hard to detach from constant racing thoughts.

So what happens when you are actually put under hypnosis, or in a trance?

Being in a hypnotic or trance like state allows the racing mind (the conscious mind) to be completely still and quiet, thus the therapist can then create new positive thoughts and ideas using suggestion and the voice and speak to the subconscious mind. So although the person is deeply relaxed they are in fact astutely listening and concentrated on the words of the therapist. It’s like turning off our unwanted thoughts and feelings that are potentially damaging and replacing them with feel good, positive, nurturing words to make us feel better and more purposeful. So you end up getting more of what you want and less of what you don’t want.

And how does Hypnotic Repatterning help those who suffer from sleep problems?

The majority of sleep issues are linked to anxiety or worries about future events, such as meetings, deadlines and upcoming events. When we worked with our focus groups of adults from a variety of working backgrounds, be it jet setters or parents, the worry about future events seemed to be the biggest cause of sleep worries. Hypnotic repatterning I suppose does what it says on the tin. It changes unwanted thoughts and feelings linked to sleep and changes them into positive thoughts and feelings. It allows the client to let go and move forward to a place where sleeping is easier through suggestion and visualisation

READ the whole interview on eve's blog :

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