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Happy World Sleep Day 2020 !

Today the world celebrates the importance of sleep.

And don't we need more of it, in light of the coronavirus pandemic...

WeSleep is a World Sleep Day delegate and ambassador this year again so here is what you need to know: World Sleep Day is a global annual awareness event, a call to action about the importance of healthy sleep created and hosted by the World Sleep Society, bringing researchers, health professionals and patients together to recognize sleep and its important impact on our health.

This year’s theme is about ‘Better Sleep, Better Life, Better Planet,' highlighting sleep's important place as a pillar of health, allowing for better decision making and cognitive understanding in big issues, such as our planet. This focus is purposefully broad in meaning, surrounding the message that quality of life can be improved with healthy sleep.

WeSleep - World Sleep Day
WeSleep - World Sleep Day Sleep Tips

For more information head to www.worldsleepday.org

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