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Fighting Coronavirus with good sleep

Sleep can help boost your immune system and help fight viruses

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Without jumping on the bandwagon, we all know that there is nothing like good sleep to boost our immune system and protect ourselves from viruses and colds.

So, to help your body fight against Coronavirus, making sure to get a good night’s sleep on a consistent basis is one of the best thing we can do to fight them off. Just like you would with a common cold or the flu. If you’d like to read more about your immune system and how sleep can help boost your immune system fight against the Coronavirus, read this Psychology Today article

The key principles of this article are :

  1. Sleep boosts the production of your white blood cells
  2. White blood cells recognise and neutralise foreign and dangerous elements entering your body
  3. Completing at least 4 sleep cycles enhances the production and release of a protein which faciliates cell to cell communication and direct cells towards the infection

So it is important to do what you can to sleep, and also manage your mind and anxiety with natural remedies, meditation, deep abdominal breathing and remain as calm and stress free as possible to help support your immune system.

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