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How to get a good night's sleep when camping at a festival

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VERVE Festival will definitely not be as full on as your average festival. After all it is all about wellness and healthy hedonism so expect a chilled out vibe. That said, sleeping at any festival, especially when camping, is not the easiest. Here are some tips on how to get the most Zzzzz at your favourite outdoor festivals. In a nutshell, here are the 10 commandments:

  1. Block out noise
  2. Block out morning light
  3. Not too hot, not too cold
  4. Napping is ok but….
  5. The sun at the right time, in the right amount
  6. Chose the right sleep outfit
  7. Get comfy
  8. Careful with stimulants
  9. All about timing
  10. Create peace of mind   

Block out noise: make sure to have good earplugs, preferably silicon . You’ll probably lose them, so have a few pairs handy ! Another idea is to bring relaxing music or white noise sounds to help cover up annoying sounds like loud laughing, stomping around, chatter and screaming, tent zips, music and shouty people.

Block out morning light: your body is designed, to respond to increasing light levels, no matter how tired you are. So light use comfortable and dark fabric sleep eye masks. @flyingtiger always have some fun ones. Another idea is to drape a tarp or reflective groundsheet over your tent to create more darkness and coolness if it gets hot.

Not too hot, not too cold: Insulation from the ground is essential. And try to keep the tent and your body at the ideal temperature. A good sleeping bag and layers of clothes, along with gloves, warm socks and hat if it is too cold. If too hot, zip open your tent “windows” for some ventilation, pitch a shade structure over your tent, and bring a battery-operated fan and a water mist spray. Another trick is a filling a rubber water bottle with either ice cold or hot water, to keep your body at optimal temperature. Also remember that sharing a tent will make your tent’s temperature warmer , which can come in handy !

Napping is ok, but remember no longer than 30 mins, and preferably not after 4pm !


The sun in the right amount and at the right time: To have the best chance of sleeping at festivals, wear sunscreen during the day and try and find shade when the sun is at its peak. Spending time outdoors between 10am and 4pm is the best way to produce the serotonin and melatonin you need for a good night’s sleep, so enjoy your time outdoors!


The right sleep outfit: while you prep your festival costumes or comfy clothes, don’t forget to pack fleecy PJ’s if the weather is cool and natural fabric night clothes (cotton or linen) in the Summer. Sleeping naked might not be ideal ! Small space + sweaty weather + synthetic materials = goodbye sleep and hello sticky nights.


Get comfy: chose a flat pitch in the share preferably, and clear away rocks, branches and debris. Invest in a sleeping mat and a comfortable mattress: some people get a block of inexpensive memory foam cut to order. If you use an air mattress, make sure it doesn’t have any holes otherwise it will deflate by morning. A good sleeping bag warm or cool enough for the season is essential. And do bring your favourite pillow !


Careful with stimulants: such as alcohol , caffeine, sugar, chocolate, energy drinks and cigarette – they may help you fall asleep or keep you energized however they will make it even harder to fall asleep


All about timing: go to the toilet before you get in your tent and make sure not to drink at least 2 hours before sleep. No one wants to go on a freezing adventure in the night.


Create peace of mind: if you worry about sleeping in an unfamiliar environment or about someone trying to steal, make sure to hide valuables and block the entrance of your tent. This will put your mind at ease and allow you to sleep soundly.

So pack well, remember these little hacks and have a great time !

Happy times boost your feel good hormones, and ultimately help you sleep better.

WeSleep´s VERVE Festival workshop is on Sunday September 8, 2019:

“How to sleep: managing the mind and body for better sleep” at VERVE Festival is a session like we’ve never done before, as we are partnering with Shush Events (Silent Yoga UK) for a fully immersive meditative session with silent technology! You will learn or refresh your knowledge of sleep then let yourself be led into a neuro-hypnotic repatterning session which can help improve your sleep. Come join us in the beautiful British countryside !

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