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WeSleep at VERVE Festival 2019

Don't miss our sleep session Sunday September 8 @2pm

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WeSleep at VERVE Festival 2019 - wellness weekend event

NEWS SCOOP! We are thrilled to announce our afternoon sleep session at VERVE Festival on Sunday September 8, 2019 in the South of England:

“How to sleep: managing the mind and body for better sleep” is a WeSleep session like we’ve never done before, as we are partnering with Shush Events (Silent Yoga UK) for a fully immersive experience with silent technology.

You will learn or refresh your knowledge of sleep then let yourself be led into an immersive neuro-hypnotic repatterning session which can help improve your sleep.
WeSleep’s Julie Wright and Kata Armitage will share tips on how to get a better night’s sleep. And help you understand the theory of neuro-hypnotic repatterning, which is a gentle form of deep meditation and relaxation technique, to rewire our thoughts and our brains towards calm, positive thoughts and towards better sleep.

Come visit us ! Learn. Feel. Replenish. Heal. Live.

VERVE Festival is in its first year and promises to be a most wonderful wellness event, set in soulful surroundings, that celebrates health, wellness and nature . When is this weekend festival ? September 7&8 2019, in South Wiltshire, England.

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WeSleep is also available for one-to-one consultations and employee workshops for the workplace. More information at:

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